Terms of Service

I don't like reading these either, so I tried to simplify it a bit.

  • You must be of legal age to enter a legally binding contract.
  • You will pay the agreed-upon service fee by the agreed-upon date.
  • PayPal is our Payment Provider. You agree to use PayPal to pay for your service.
  • You will not use the service to promote violence, hate speech, or racism.
  • You will not use the service for any illegal activities, including but not limited to harmful activity or fraud.
  • You will not attempt to access unauthorized areas of zefie's servers, including but not limited to, any "sudo" attempts.
  • Shared Hosting Backups: If you are a Shared Hosting client, zefie may opt to include your website in the automatic backup routine, depending on the size of your account. You should not rely on zefie's backups, and should keep your own. Only the Shared Hosting service has an automatic backup routine. Shared Hosting clients may request a backup at any time, free of charge. zefie keeps monthly backups in perpetuity.
  • Other Services Backups: Other services are backed up manually on occasion. You should not rely on zefie's backups, and should keep your own.  In the event you request a backup from zefie, if one is available, there will be, at zefie's sole discretion, a $75 data retreival fee. This is because all services except Shared Hosting are backed up as a "full service backup" (which contain the entire service and all accounts), therefore it takes some time and labor to extract account-specific data from them.
  • Your data may be accessed by zefie.
    zefie has no interest in your private data, normal cases of data access are:
    • Service Log files to check server performance
    • Any files authorized by you for zefie to look at (eg game server files,  shell scripts, configurations, websites, etc)
    • System configuration files for Dedicated Service clients to verify optimal configuration
  • If you wish for all of your data to be removed from zefie's services, this will require account termination, purging of all of your "active data" (your home folder), and up to 7 days for zefie to purge your "backup data" (your data in any of our service backups), and to replace any backups containing your data with fresh backups that do not contain your data.
  • If you have a Game Server with shell access, you agree not to use the shell for any purpose other than tasks related to the Game Server you are renting. Using the shell for other activities (including but not limited to running an IRC server) is strictly forbidden without zefie's prior authorization.
  • If you choose to cancel your services with zefie, or do not agree to renew at the service fee rate (which is subject to change) provided by zefie, then your account will be terminated at the end of your paid service date, unless instant termination is requested. If you choose the instant termination option when you cancel, there will be NO refunds for any unused remaining time.
  • All payment disputes should be handled 1-on-1 with zefie before resorting to PayPal Disputes.
  • Any violations to these terms are subject to termination at zefie's sole discretion, with or without warning, depending on the severity of the issue. If you are terminated for violating these Terms of Service, you will NOT receive a refund for any remaining time on your account.

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