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#ad - Services I Recommend

An honest, curated list of services I recommend, with referrals.


Square's PayPal Alternative

CashApp is a free alternative to PayPal. It offers a "Cash Card", which you can instantly use once signing up. You can even use the Cash Card on your PayPal account. With CashApp, you can also trade Bitcoin and Stocks. CashApp is also one of the few companies that are legally licensed to trade Bitcoin in the State of NY, USA.

CashApp is free of charge, and painless to set up. You will need to provide a valid government ID to activate Bitcoin trading, but this is the same with any cash-to-crypto exchange.

You can apply "Boosts" to the Cash Card, which will offer various discounts. For example, I saved 10% renewing my XBox GamePass.

CashApp also gives away cash often on their social media pages. I have won $50 (by chance) via their Twitch Stream, without even putting any money into the app.

If you sign up using my referral link, or provide the code SFQXWMS after signing up, we will both get $5, after you send $5 to someone, add a bank account, and add that bank account's debit card. You can use an online bank such as Chime.



Online banking with no minimum or initial deposits required

Chime is an online bank operated by The Bancorp.

It is managed primarily through their mobile app, but has all of the features (and more) of a regular bank. Chime offers a debit card, spending account (checking), savings account (with features such as round-up savings, and/or 10% of all direct deposits), mobile check deposits, and more.

Chime also offers a small line of credit, which they call "SpotMe". Activated after a direct deposit of $500 or more, and starting at $20, "SpotMe" allows you to overdraft by a small amount without incurring overdraft fees. (Note that without SpotMe activated, there are no overdrafts, it will just decline if you do not have sufficient funds).

I have applied for many online banks, some of them are convoluted, some of them decline for no reason (There literally was no reason on my ChexSystems report), and the ones that did accept me, required an initial deposit, either via Wire, or another bank (Check (but not Money Order) or direct deposit).

Chime will allow you to open a bank account without having another bank account, does not charge a service fees, and is not a compromise of banking features. 

We each get $50 if you sign up with my referral link, and make a direct deposit of $200 or more.


Mint Mobile

Ryan Reynold's mobile service is actually pretty foxxy

Mint Mobile is a MVNO (reseller) on T-Mobile's mobile network.

Mint provides low cost services, billed quarterly or anually. Starting at $25/m for 3GB (billed at a minimum of $75 every 3 months). All plans include unlimited minutes and messages.

I got the service for 3 months free during their sports promotion, and have been enjoying the service. I have had no problems, despite living in a low-coverage area for T-Mobile.

Mint also supports VoLTE (HD Voice), Wifi Calling and Visual Voicemail at no additional charge.

If you sign up via my referral link, I get a discount off of my service. You do not any special rewards for signing up through my link, however, you will get your own referral link to share.

Mint Mobile


RealDebrid is a service that allows you to download from other services without signing up for them, including premium paid download services.

With so many file sharing sites on the internet now, many of them require an account to download. Some even require a paid subscription. Why bother with all of those seperate accounts and paid subscriptions when you can just pay one service to have access to them all? Paste a link into RealDebrid and instantly download from many free, member only, or even paid-only download sites.

If you sign up with my referral link, I will get a 5 day extension on my account and 50 "Fidelity Points", which can be used towards free months of service.