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Born a Pisces in the 80s, I'd realized at a young age that I enjoy video games, and all things tech.

My first console was an Atari 2600, but I was late getting into the PC scene, therefore missed out on things such as the C64, and BBSes. My first internet access was in 1998, via 33.6k modem and a WebTV.

In 2004, I registered zefie.com and started offering Web Hosting Services, at the time mostly free of charge, to friends and fansites of anime I liked at the time.

My skills range from website development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP), to backend server management (Virtual Machines, Linux Administration, Docker, Docker Compose, intermediate bash scripting, database management), and most in between.

In my recreational time, I enjoy playing video games, primarily JRPGs and Fortnite with friends.

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